Forum: Security barriers deter only certain groups

In the light of active terrorist activities and the heightened security climate in the region, the authorities should continue to tackle terrorism on all fronts, and the sea is no exception.

The comment made by a Sentosa Cove resident about the effectiveness of the floating security barriers installed nearby, that "anyone could just as easily swim over or under it", should not be dismissed (Floating security barriers upset residents, Jan 25).

Security should minimise inconvenience, and, in this case, there are better solutions. Security measures should enhance the value of a property and not diminish it.

In my view, the type of barriers used near Sentosa can deter and delay only cigarette smugglers and those who ferry illegal immigrants in small speed boats, because their intention is to return to where they came from once they have unloaded their cargo.

Their modus operandi is totally different from a terrorist's. A terrorist on a suicide mission has no intention to return, and can easily overcome barriers.

At the end of the day, a balance should be struck between security and convenience.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan

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