Forum: Same gloved hand used to handle food and touch surfaces

Some retail bakeries do not seem to be concerned about the threat of viruses being spread through surface contamination.

Despite Ministry of Health advisories about cleanliness, especially during these trying times, trays for customers to use are still being piled up beside busy queues of people.

The tray surfaces are easily contaminated with saliva droplets from customers standing and talking beside them.

Used trays and tongs are also only casually wiped down, sometimes with the same cloth used to wipe the table top. Oily streaks and stains can easily be seen on the wiped surfaces of these trays. Maybe tray liners can be provided.

To make matters worse, staff can be seen replenishing bread rolls and buns with the same gloved hand that was used to lift the acrylic food cover, itself contaminated by hundreds of dirty hands.

Can the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency look into these unhygienic practices?

Wong Kok Keong