Forum: Rules on number of tenants should be consistent

I am puzzled as to how dormitory operators can house 12 people in a room when the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) cap for a private residential property is six unrelated people.

Laws should apply equally to all in Singapore.

Some private residential properties have rooms that are bigger than those in dormitories.

For a private residential property, if the owner charges $400 a tenant, he would earn $2,400.

But for a dormitory, if the operator charges $400 a tenant, he would earn $4,800 per room.

No wonder dormitory operators are making huge profits.

Could the URA and Ministry of Manpower explain and enlighten us on this issue?

Also, why should taxpayers pay for operators to improve dormitory conditions when the operators were the ones who, in order to maximise profits, created a negative situation in the first place?

Catherine Chan Lai Hoe

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