Forum: Rooftop gardening is allowed for private homes

We thank Mr Georgie Lee Heng Fatt for his letter (Allow gardening on rooftops of private homes, June 24).

The Building Control Regulations do not disallow the use of rooftops for gardening. However, owners of private homes who are interested in rooftop gardening should first seek advice from a professional engineer to assess if their roofs and building structures are designed to withstand additional loads such as from soil used for gardening.

The Building and Construction Authority's approval will be required for any structural works required to support such additional loads.

For private landed homes, rooftop gardening is allowed provided the structures associated with the use are kept within the allowable building height under the Urban Redevelopment Authority's landed housing envelope control guidelines.

Clement Tseng

Group Director (Building Plans and Management)

Building and Construction Authority

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