Forum: Review Silver Support criteria for five-room flat owners

In 2016, the Government introduced the Silver Support Scheme to help Singaporeans aged 65 and above living in public housing.

However, I do not qualify for the benefits of the scheme because I own a five-room Housing Board flat, so I was told by a Central Provident Fund Board officer.

My wife and I are 84 years old and do not have any income. We have lived in this five-room flat for 43 years.

I believe that the number of seniors who own a five-room flat but meet the Silver Support Scheme's other criteria is small.

Most are likely to be in their 70s and 80s, and like us just want to live out their remaining years in a familiar place.

I hope the authorities can review the scheme's criteria and allow this group of seniors to receive payouts.

Heng Kheok Sip