Forum: Restrictions in schools needed to minimise risk of infection

Mr Jotdeep Singh suggested relooking the many restrictions in schools as they reopen next month amid the coronavirus situation (Reconsider whether so many restrictions are needed in schools, May 21).

I do not think it is sensible for the Government to cut back on these control measures in schools.

They are meant to minimise the risk of students being infected by the coronavirus.

Schools should be safe places for children to learn and play.

If just one student is infected with the coronavirus, it could spread very quickly to his classmates as most lessons are conducted indoors.

We do not want schools to be evolving clusters for the virus like what has happened at foreign workers' dormitories, nor do we want a second wave of infections or schools closing again for home-based learning.

I applaud the Government for having most students alternate weekly between home-based learning and classes in school when schools reopen.

This reduces the number of students in school at any one time and hence also the risk of infection.

We do not want the circuit breaker to be extended because of any coronavirus case in schools.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Khoo Zong Zhe

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