Forum: Response on dorms shows Singapore's mettle

As Covid-19 spread in workers' dormitories, the situation looked gloomy for Singapore. Knowing the crowded conditions in these places, we seemed to be sitting on a time bomb.

But Singapore's leaders took the bull by the horns, initiated strong measures by bringing in the Singapore Armed Forces and providing enough resources to get matters under control ('Fast' teams in place at all 43 dormitories to tackle situation, April 10).

By relocating workers to more spacious accommodation with safe distancing and providing all the required meals, Singapore has shown the world its mettle (Healthy workers to be moved to army camps, floating hotels, April 10). It sends a signal that it means business - it has the resources and will not hesitate to use them to contain any situation.

What is more, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a public address to assure the workers' families that the labourers will be taken care of with full medical facilities. It shows that the workers are valued by Singapore.

I urge the authorities to also look into the cramped conditions of places in the vicinity of Race Course Road and Serangoon Road where some foreign students of private colleges live.

They should try to pre-empt another cluster that might just be waiting to happen.

Sohindar Singh