Forum: Reopen more stores

While I generally support the approach and consideration used by the Government on how to reopen Singapore, there is one area that should be reconsidered and that is the retail sector.

Big retail outlets such as Popular, Challenger, Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts and Daiso offer many necessities for daily living.

They are able to implement proper crowd control and contact tracing, just like supermarkets.

While these big enterprises may be able to survive being closed for a while more, their closure denies households of basic commodities such as stationery, printer ribbons and staplers.

I am even more concerned about the small mom-and-pop stores around the neighbourhood. Among the items they sell are many daily necessities such as plastic bags, shower cords and containers.

These stores are usually owned or operated by individuals or families and their livelihood is at stake.

As long as people wear masks and observe safe distancing at these shops, I don't think they pose a major risk.

Ang Miah Boon

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