Forum: Reconsider whether so many restrictions are needed in schools

While I acknowledge Mr Lee Cheng Ho's concerns about precautionary measures when schools reopen, we should keep in mind that during the coronavirus pandemic, school closures in countries have not been based on scientific evidence (Have more precautionary measures when schools reopen, May 18).

It seems more like many governments felt that they needed to respond to panicking citizens.

For example, the co-author of a study published in the New England Journal Of Medicine looking at the spread of the coronavirus in Iceland said in an interview that the study did not find a single example of a child infecting his parents.

Switzerland has allowed children below 10 to hug their grandparents as its scientists have concluded that children do not transmit the virus.

Also, Sweden's primary schools did not close, with its public health agency saying it does not believe that children are transmitting the disease to a great extent.

In Singapore, while we welcome the reopening of schools from early next month, we should perhaps reconsider whether so many restrictions are required.

Wiping down surfaces and extra hand-washing are some good ideas, but, otherwise, let children have normal school days - no need to have staggered start times or alternate-day attendance.

There is no scientific evidence to support the ruining of a normal school day.

I, for one, cannot wait to see my children back in school and following a normal routine.

Jotdeep Singh

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