Forum: Reckless behaviour at underpass

Since the start of the circuit breaker, more cyclists and skateboarders have been using the parks, especially East Coast Park.

To get to East Coast Park, many people use underpasses. The underpass I use in my daily walk to the park is adjacent to the Bayshore Park condominium. This underpass has steep ramps with blind spots at both entrances as well as staircases.

Regrettably, cyclists and skateboarders ride down the ramps without giving a thought to pedestrians. This is an accident waiting to happen, and on two occasions in the past week, I have come close to being knocked over.

To my surprise, I have not seen any safety notices at the entrances to the underpass. If the authorities require cyclists and skateboarders to dismount and walk while using the underpass, and I certainly hope that it is the case, clear notices are required to remind all users of the safety rules.

Elizabeth Lee Maxted