Forum: Push to use new tech must not leave seniors behind

The current generation is rarely awed by new gadgets or new media, but for the older generation, new technology seems like a brand new world.

For example, my parents thought it was peculiar to see fishmongers selling their fresh goods online.

They don't think it is the way to sustain businesses. They still prefer human-to-human interactions where you can bargain for prices and chat during your grocery shopping.

More seniors now own smartphones, but are they equipped with Internet security knowledge? Many were encouraged to set up their PayNow or debit and credit card credentials, but know little about how these technologies work.

They may not know how the money flows or how the mechanics work, and are unsure where and how to check transactions.

Though technology has advanced and improved our lives, I feel the Infocomm Media Development Authority should step up and educate seniors.

More televised programmes should be made on how these technologies work.

I find it a little amusing that the elderly are encouraged to hop on to YouTube and watch videos, when most barely know how to operate their smartphones, much less navigate the Web.

Put ourselves in their shoes, and use traditional mediums to educate them, so that they can gradually learn how to use modern technology, instead of being scared off and prevented from receiving salient information.

Lim Guohao

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