Forum: PUB has probed condominium's high water consumption

We thank Dr Ng Tze Beng for his feedback (Unclear why water bill for condo facilities is increasing, June 27).

The PUB agrees with Dr Ng on the importance of conserving our water resources and takes a serious view of water wastage.

We have had several meetings with Dr Ng's condominium management council and managing agent to investigate the condominium's water use and advise them on how to arrest the problem.

Our investigation has suggested possible leaks in the condominium's internal water reticulation system.

We have shared the findings with the condominium management council, managing agent and Dr Ng.

We have advised the management council and managing agent to engage a licensed plumber quickly to address any defect in the water installations that may have caused high water consumption in the condominium.

We have also shared a list of water efficiency measures that the condominium should take so that it can use water more prudently.

The condominium's management council and managing agent will have to update the PUB on the appropriate measures that they have taken to manage the water consumption.

It is an offence under Section 45 of the Public Utilities Act if a building owner does not ensure the building's water system is free from any defect.

Building owners and customers are responsible for the maintenance of the water service installations on their premises, while the PUB provides support and assistance wherever possible.

The PUB regularly engages the management councils of condominiums on water conservation, including educating them on the use of water-efficient fittings and cleaning equipment, and the installation of private water meters to measure water consumption at key locations in common areas.

Ridzuan Ismail


Water Supply Network Department

PUB, Singapore's national water agency

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