Forum: Preserve Terminal 2's iconic flight info display flip boards

I think many people will miss Changi Airport's Terminal 2's iconic flight information display flip boards, which will be retired during T2's upcoming makeover (Changi's T2 will be greener, more spacious by 2024, Jan 17).

In our rush to look modern and green, perhaps this bit of history should be preserved. When I think of an airport, the first thing that comes to mind is a flight information display flip board.

While the artist's impressions of the new T2 look really nice, there is a risk of it becoming just another modern building. By preserving the flip boards, it will remain truly unique compared with a shopping mall.

I do understand that, at some point, it will no longer be cost-effective to maintain the flip boards in working condition. At that point, perhaps we can freeze them at a particular moment in time, and leave that for posterity - especially as more and more airports do away with such boards.

Wong Weng Fai

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