Forum: Penalties for firms that discriminate against locals not harsh enough

I read with concern that there were around 2,000 complaints of discrimination against hiring of Singaporeans from 2014 to 2018 (Firms to pay heavier price if they don't give locals a fair shot at jobs, Jan 15).

Much stiffer action must be taken against offending firms which deliberately deceive the authorities.

I believe the new changes to the Fair Consideration Framework do not inflict sufficient pain to effectively cut down cases of firms evading the hiring of adequately qualified Singaporeans.

I suggest the following additional penalties and conditions:

  • A foreigner, employed through any deliberate violation of any condition of the Fair Consideration Framework, should have his employment permit terminated immediately and be sent home.
  • A foreign executive, no matter at what level, who deliberately violated the Fair Consideration Framework to hire foreigners, should also have his employment permit terminated immediately and sent home.
  • No company in Singapore can have foreigners forming more than 30 per cent of its PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) workforce.
  • There should be some provisions in the Fair Consideration Framework to protect local PMETS from being unfairly dismissed to create vacancies for foreigners.

Goh Ho Wee