Forum: Pastor sets good example

I was encouraged by the report on Reverend Wilson Teo of Grace Assembly of God Church (Church will emerge stronger and more united from episode, says pastor, Feb 15).

Rev Teo did all the right things - voluntarily getting himself tested for the coronavirus, being upfront with his congregation about testing positive, and rallying them with an indomitable spirit and words of encouragement.

He was also not afraid of making public his identity in the process, which could potentially stigmatise him.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed with fear and laying blame, Grace Assembly of God Church has also stepped forward to be counted, with congregants looking out and caring for one another as one family.

It is precisely in such a time that we should all do this.

With empathy, a healthy dose of humour and good hygiene practices, as well as by staying sensible and informed, let us watch out for one another and ride out the coronavirus crisis as one people, one nation, one Singapore.

Woon Wee Min

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