Forum: Otters in Singapore: Let's live with and protect them

I refer to the Forum letter by Mr Ong Junkai, who suggested that otters be better managed to minimise human-wildlife conflict (Time to rein in Singapore's otter population, May 18).

It is ironic that we want to build the "kampung spirit" in Singapore, but not realise that it includes living with animals in our midst.

It is also ironic that Singapore is called the Garden City when there are not even many animal species in public areas.

Despite all the beautiful plants around Housing Board areas, how often do we see butterflies, grasshoppers, praying mantises, jewel wasps and moths?

When was the last time we heard crickets in the night, something common when I was a child?

How often do we see orioles and other garden birds?

And for a tropical island, I see very few bird species on a daily basis.

It took a long time for the otters to make a comeback and the least we could do is to live with them and protect them.

Wong Jock Onn

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