Forum: Open underground links of TEL stations first to boost connectivity

It was reported that six stations in the second stage of the Thomson-East Coast MRT line will open only in the first quarter of next year, instead of later this year as initially scheduled, because of delays due to the impact of Covid-19 (Opening of six TEL stations delayed till first quarter 2021, Sept 5).

In the light of this, the temporary road arrangements and construction sites for the project can no longer be deemed "temporary" and are becoming a safety concern.

Take, for example, the changes that have occurred in Upper Thomson Road for the construction of Upper Thomson MRT station.

Extensive numbers of mature trees that provided ample shade have been removed, while walkways have been narrowed. Diversions have been set up but these sometimes seem to conflict with pedestrian safety.

Connectivity on the ground level is affected.

The authorities should consider opening each MRT station in stages, starting with the underground links that connect the various station exits that lead to other places in the neighbourhood.

These could serve as underpasses, providing an alternative to ground-level walkways for the community.

Shakthi Vikram