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How can we improve customer service standards in Singapore?

Where Singapore is lacking is in areas like exchange and refund policies, replacement of faulty items, and so on. I've bought electronic items that were faulty and then been told that they have to go to the service centre for a couple of weeks. That's not acceptable.
Steven Rostron

Two ways to improve standards: First, the company needs to emphasise customer service and provide better training, and stop the "employing cheap labour" mindset. Second, the status of customer service officers needs to change. People often treat them like dirt and scold them even though they have done nothing wrong. They should be treated as professionals.
Liew Guo Kang

"The customer is king" - this is what I learnt years ago while working in the retail sector in New York - a city where being demanding is second nature. Training is the most important thing, then allowing workers to have the flexibility and creativity to solve problems within the determined guidelines of the company. There is also the pay and incentive issue. Finally, there is the need for empathy and patience, and dealing with a situation in a manner that benefits the customer and the company.
Patricia Vargas Schreiber

How can more people be persuaded to get vaccinated against preventable diseases?

Lowering the cost is definitely good, but this needs to be complemented by making the vaccines mandatory instead of elective. A schedule can be created for each individual to go for different vaccinations as and when it is convenient for them. This should be within a certain time period so that it is efficient.
Kevin Tan

If vaccines are safe, why do vaccine makers ask for exemption from liability for injuries caused by vaccines? Prevention truly comes from taking care of your body through a healthy diet and lifestyle, adequate sleep and rest, positive emotional and mental states. A healthy environment is also key: proper sanitation, clean air and clean water.
Lawrence Lee

Promote the value of vaccine jabs and keep them affordable and easily available at any clinic.
Harry Chia