Forum: On Facebook: Should the tuition industry be more tightly regulated?

Should the tuition industry be more tightly regulated?

It is not just parents who are at the mercy of these centres, teachers at these centres suffer too. The tuition centres earn big money while paying their teachers meagre pay.

Tam Chiak

All parents are at the mercy of tuition centres. Their fees remain high even during this Covid-19 period. Some of them even increased their fees and we can't do anything about it because our kids are already familiar with the tutor.

Alan Lee

There should be control over the quality of teachers these centres hire. Some of these teachers do not have proper training, and centres do not provide information on the qualifications and experience of these teachers.

Hui Teng Lim

There are so many tuition centres in Singapore. There is no need to sign up with one if you do not agree with their terms. Signing up signals your consent and agreement.

David Yong

Why regulate? It is a demand and supply thing. If a tutor is too expensive, look for another one.

Kelvin Tan

Tuition is just the symptom. What is the real root cause?

Water Tay

Not just the tuition industry, but the learning hubs by various vendors also need to be scrutinised.

Some of the vendors' courses are so expensive. Some have patented software which trainees need to use in their lessons and then after that course, that software cannot be used anymore.

Most of the class sizes are in the range of 40, with an average $1,000 course fee per student for online courses, which run for two to three days.

Heng Keline

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