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Should Central Provident Fund savings be allowed to be used to pay for senior citizens' hearing aids or spectacles?

CPF savings should be used to pay for medical expenses - not for casual check-ups, but for things that improve quality of life, such as hearing aids and important surgery.
ShaoWei Li

Yes. Hearing aids and spectacles are essential needs that can improve their lives. If the seniors are in dire financial situation, their children should be allowed to pay for the aids with CPF.
Kwan Teck Swee

Definitely, yes. Nobody wants to be old and unable to see or hear well. Let them have dignity in their old age by allowing their children to pay for their medical aids with CPF savings.
Lee Philip

The Government should look into the needs of such seniors who cannot afford to own these "essential devices".
Gabriel Chia

Hearing aids are super expensive. There should be some subsidies for them and for spectacles too. I have elderly parents, and all these items are part and parcel of eldercare requirements.
Joyce Chew Shu Yiing

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