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Should Housing Board flats come with a balcony for gardening?

I moved from an HDB flat with tiny tinted-glass windows to a flat with a balcony. Rooms with bright light and fresh air are very calming, and my family is definitely happier. For me, a balcony alone improves the quality of life.
Rakendu Ramesh

I am happy with my flat. Don't need to add this or that, the more you add, the more expensive the flat will get. And the bigger the balcony, the smaller the living space.
Kelvin Chia

I would like to have a small area, be it the rooftop or a balcony, to do gardening, as long as it's well maintained and isn't a fire hazard or mosquito-breeding habitat.
Andreal Lee

Yes, all HDB flats should have a balcony. It gives us better air flow, and allows us to do some planting and be able to sit outside and relax.
Phyllis Lee

A balcony is a must, not just for gardening, but also for hanging laundry and getting fresh air. The current design of hanging clothes out is extremely unsightly. Water dripping from upstairs is not only unhygienic, but also a major source of friction between neighbours.
Law Sit

Yes, HDB flats should have a balcony for gardening. We can start to grow our vegetables and fruits. But if the space is small it may not be feasible.
Emily Tan

Sounds like a recipe for a massive dengue outbreak. How many people actually know how to manage stagnant water in pots?
Glen Teoh

I would love to have a balcony, and I love gardening. I could grow my own chilli and curry leaves, and some other small plants to cool the house down.
Zeng Jaye

How much can you grow on your bit of balcony? Are we expected to grow our own daily supply? Can the balcony support the weight of soil needed? Shallow beds aren't suitable for a lot of crops. Also, we don't get a lot of sun coming into our flats, so how to grow plants? A vertical system may work better, and you will always need grow lights and a water pump. Maybe aquaponics is a better option.
Christina Teh

The problem will be that 75 per cent of house owners will not use their balconies for gardening. Balconies will be used to hang/dry clothes or to keep rubbish bins, or used as storage space.
Shankar Rajan

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