Forum: On Facebook

Do you think young Singaporeans are mostly unconcerned about what is happening in the world?

The younger generation are more tuned to world affairs than we were at their age. Even primary school children have strong opinions about (US President Donald) Trump.

Yazid Sallim

Young people right now are more in touch with what is going on in the world and are much more involved.

Ihsahn Mohd

It could be that the younger generation are more selective about what they share on social media with their friends. Not everyone appreciates his Facebook wall being flooded with social or political news.

Ashlee Liu

I think developmentally, teenagers really do not have the mental capacity to understand global affairs, so I don't expect them to take much interest in global affairs until they are adults.


The young aren't debating aimlessly on Facebook, where all the old people are.

Audi Khalid

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