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Should Internet service providers be required to set up backup networks?

If you cannot do without the Internet, subscribe to another provider, or do tethering with a cheap SIM card. Don't create a redundant network to be used only when the actual network is down. There is too much maintenance cost involved.
Zi Kai Long

Here's the thing: Home or personal Internet is not mission-critical to any degree. So it's not worth spending money to create a "backup network". If someone requires more assured uptime when doing mission-critical work, he would be getting a commercial network service with failover capabilities, and at a higher cost. For instance, the Internet at home going out is not as critical as the Internet for mission-critical businesses such as banks going out. It's more of how fast a provider's network operations centre can quickly recover from downtime. And there are many countries that don't even have access to Internet or cellular data with 99 per cent uptime. So I don't get why home users should be entitled to a "backup network" when we don't even pay for one.
Sapphire Jasper Lee

Businesses are sure to push the additional cost from setting up redundancy in their infrastructure to their customers, who will see bills rise.
Zhili Wang

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