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What can be done to make Singapore's libraries more inclusive?

All kindergarten children should be given a tour of our libraries, to familiarise them with the facilities and how to use them, like being given a library card to start borrowing books.

Sharon Chong

Please don't make the library so comfortable that people go there to sleep and take up all the seats. It's a library, not a hotel.

Douglas Chow

Collect mobile phones at the entrance so people really go to the library to read books. Make project and study rooms accessible during public holidays for an hourly fee.

Judy Lee

Gone are the days when the library was so much quieter. Nowadays, some people go there to sleep, talk loudly or allow children to run around and scream.

Tackle these issues before you talk about inclusiveness.

Christopher Chiew

Make libraries the place to be for learning in peace and a relaxed environment. Schools, parents and librarians need to educate the young regarding expectations of behaviour in the library.

Adults and seniors have bad behaviour too - it is neither your home sofa nor your bedroom. Please don't put your shoes on the chairs.

Any bad behaviour should be swiftly frowned upon by everyone to foster a peaceful environment.

Wong Charmaine

Should the Government promote a plant-based diet in Singapore?

Many are pushing for a switch to plant-based food because research has shown that reducing one's meat intake is one of the best ways to lower one's carbon footprint.

But shouldn't we focus on tackling the big contributing factors first? What are the side effects and consequences of a plant-based diet? We don't want the Government pushing something that is not useful.

Daryl Chan

It is the latest unsustainable fad diet that seeks to exclude nutrient-dense whole food groups.

Kok-Hong Wong

Yes. However, it still boils down to individual food preferences. Also, there are conflicting studies and views on whether such diets are really beneficial.

Kevin Tan

Educate hawkers. We used to get noodles with lots of bean sprouts. Now we have to ask for it. Sometimes we get scorned for asking. Nowadays, you get some token greens in a bowl of noodles.

Kristal Lim

Land that was used to grow crops to feed an entire village for a year is now used to grow animal feed for cows that in turn produce meat that can only feed a family for months.

Food for thought.

Alvin Hum

Every food stall sells more meat than vegetables. Vegetarian food is so rare. How to eat healthy?

Kayal Villi

Should covert checks be carried out to stop stores from selling cigarettes to underage smokers?

Present ID checks are sufficient. There is no need for "cloak and dagger" operations. Trust the integrity of the vendors; I am sure they agree that selling cigarettes to teens is not right.

Harry Chia

Companies should be penalised heavily for ignoring the law and trying to make money at the expense of our youth's health.

Mi Xue Zhuang

Quite often, I have seen teens asking adults to go into the store to buy cigarettes for them.

Yi Ming