Forum: No room for disrespectful posts on religions

The law should come down hard on anyone who makes derogatory religious remarks (PSP expels member over offensive post, March 22).

I was incredulous and angry when I first read about the post relating to the Bible and the Quran.

If the person responsible for the offensive post claimed that he did not have any malicious intent behind the post, then what was he thinking when he did so?

It was foolhardy of him to post such religiously disrespectful sentiments when he should be aware of the dire consequences he would face.

I have atheist friends who respect other people's religions and would refrain from discussing religious issues.

In our multi-religious society, there is nothing wrong when people choose to be non-religious, but that does not give them the right to criticise, insult or show disrespect to others' faith.

Regrettably, it does not help that the offensive post has come at this time during the Covid-19 outbreak when believers of various religions are praying for divine assistance.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng