Forum: Negative online posts may not tell full story

Photos and videos of frail-looking senior citizens collecting cardboard or working at hawker centres are often posted on social media as a way to criticise the authorities for not doing enough to help vulnerable groups.

When individuals meet people who need help, I hope to see them provide feedback to the relevant authorities that can assist accordingly, instead of posting negative messages on social media.

After all, we know that help is available to those in need, but it can be a challenge to reach out to all who need assistance.

Also, such photos and videos may not capture the full story. Some seniors may look frail, but want to work in order to keep themselves occupied and have a sense of purpose. And not all seniors who work at hawker centres are financially disadvantaged.

We must recognise that the phenomenon of negative online posts aimed at certain agencies or individuals is a global one, and is here to stay. Individually, we must stay vigilant and learn to recognise fake news.

Lim Tong Wah

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