Forum: Need to stick together to get through this

The letters by Mr Phillip Tan Fong Lip (Kudos to those fighting outbreak, Feb 6) and Mr Adrian Villanueva (Stay strong and united in current difficulties, Feb 10) are very much appreciated.

With the recent developments in the situation, our battle against the novel coronavirus looks like it could be a long one.

Those on the front line - including healthcare workers and everyone involved in ensuring the cleanliness and safety of our environment - will especially need our support.

The kind words and understanding of people like Mr Tan and Mr Villanueva will help them to keep up the fight.

On behalf of my colleagues on the multi-ministry task force, I would like to echo the letter writers' appreciation to everyone involved in standing united to manage this situation.

Across both the public and private sectors, many have gone well beyond the call of duty, working through many nights and over the Chinese New Year period. They are giving their best for Singapore.

We would also like to thank their families for their understanding and support.

Because of their hard work, the Government can continue to lead a robust response against the virus, and keep the public updated on the situation in a timely and transparent manner.

Let us all do our part in our national effort to keep Singaporeans safe and healthy.

Be socially responsible, practise good personal hygiene habits, and take the necessary steps if unwell.

As Mr Tan said, we can overcome this if we all cooperate and play a positive role.

In these difficult times, we can call on our unity and Singapore spirit to overcome the challenge. We are confident that the best of Singapore will allow us to prevail over this virus.

Desmond Lee
Minister for Social and Family Development
Second Minister for National Development