Forum: Need to ensure staff for construction projects have required skills, experience

We thank Mr Toh Siew Wee and Mr Wang Heng Thean for their views (Tender specifications must keep up with the times, June 26; and Dismayed by degree requirement in tender documents, June 24).

All building works in Singapore must comply with regulatory and safety standards. It is crucial that companies bidding for construction projects have key personnel who possess the required engineering and technical training, as well as experience, to oversee such projects in order to ensure that the buildings constructed are safe, and public safety is not compromised.

The team may be complemented by personnel who possess other qualifications and technical expertise to assist in the successful delivery of the projects.

That said, we encourage personnel in the built environment sector to continue upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Key stakeholders in this sector have jointly developed a built environment skills framework, which will be launched later this year. The skills framework gives more consideration to career progression based on skills, in addition to educational qualifications.

We are also working with trade associations and chambers to roll out accreditation schemes and move the industry towards procurement that is more competency-based rather than qualifications-based.

On the issue of tender specifications which may need updating, we will continue to engage relevant stakeholders, including government procurement entities, to review and update their tender requirements.

Grace Mui

Group Director, Manpower Strategy and Planning Group

Building and Construction Authority

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