Forum: Make it hassle-free to opt out or cut contributions to self-help groups

Currently, employees contribute to self-help groups (SHGs) via the Central Provident Fund Board. They can opt out or reduce their contributions by filling in a form from the SHG.

However, this is a repetitive, tedious and unnecessary process as employees need to fill in the form whenever they change jobs as contributions are on a per employer basis.

Can the Central Provident Fund Board and SHGs make it hassle-free for members who wish to opt out or reduce their contributions, such that they need to fill in the form only once regardless of the number of times they change jobs?

The decision can be recorded in the SHG's system as permanent until the member decides to make any changes. That would save time for all involved. As we look to streamline processes and cut waste, this is one good way.

Kevin Tan