Forum: Make it easier to report those who break the rules

Since phase two of Singapore's reopening began, I have observed chefs at restaurants with open kitchens working without wearing their masks over the nose and mouth.

At one restaurant, after I provided feedback, the chef told me that while the National Environment Agency has informed staff that mask wearing is essential, it is very warm and humid in the kitchen. He also said that the mask hinders his tasting of the food.

At another restaurant, I gestured at the chef to tell him to wear his mask. He did so, only to lower it below his chin when he turned around.

In contrast, hawkers are abiding by the rules, and I take my hat off to them.

Recently, I also visited a sporting goods retailer, and saw that some customers were entering and exiting without checking in via SafeEntry. I alerted the shop's staff, and was told that it was short of staff to enforce the rule.

A platform should be created to make it easy for people to take photos of pandemic rule breakers and send them to the authorities, similar to how people can report errant personal mobility device users via the MyTransport.SG app.

Joyce Anne Chia

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