Forum: Make it easier for seniors to sign up for digital classes

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched more programmes to engage seniors and help them to be digitally connected.

These initiatives include Digital Pods classes and Virtual Digital Clinics conducted over applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with the aim being to equip seniors with basic digital skills.

Seniors have to visit IMDA's website and sign up using their e-mail addresses. They also have to download the applications required to attend a virtual class.

However, even these may be too complicated for the elderly - some lack an e-mail account and others are unaware of how to use the Internet.

To boost participation, IMDA should consider using an alternative platform to let seniors register for these courses.

Set up a hotline that seniors can call to register to attend a course. Once they have provided their mobile numbers, volunteers could then call them to address their needs over the phone, or via a WhatsApp video call, which is a platform that seniors might be more familiar with.

As we try to integrate our seniors into a more digitalised society, we have to ensure that we do so in a simple and accessible manner. This would help them to embrace and not fear technology.

Lao Jing Hui