Forum: Loud, speeding vehicles a big nuisance

There has been an increase in the number of vehicles that speed and produce explosive sounds in Woodlands Avenue 10 in the past few months.

Despite my e-mails and phone calls to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Traffic Police, there has been no change in the noise level.

Without fail, it is the same noise produced by the same vehicles at the same hour every day.

Closed windows and the full blast of the air-conditioner have proven ineffective against the problem.

The noise makes it impossible to concentrate on one's work, and has also affected the quality of sleep at night.

My appeals to the LTA and the Traffic Police have produced only pro forma responses.

I am given the impression that my feedback is not being taken seriously.

The incumbent MP for my ward has also written to these authorities without any success.

Perhaps the authorities can find a way to better manage this problem, created by illegally modified and speeding vehicles, especially at a time when we are expected to work from home.

We could benefit from greater care and concern for our mental well-being.

Ann Staveley-Taylor

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