Forum: Lookout tower at Bukit Timah Hill summit would enhance view

Contrary to his letter (Keep beauty of Bukit Timah Hill intact, Feb 27), I think it is Mr Tan Yi Shu who has missed the point of my earlier letter (Build a lookout tower at top of Bukit Timah Hill, Feb 25).

I was talking about enhancing the beauty of the view from the summit, and not about the route or the journey there, which Mr Tan waxed lyrical about and which I do not deny.

Also, he said that bringing building materials up the hill to construct the tower would cause disturbance to the nature reserve. I doubt this is the case as there is already a road leading to the peak, and, far from being in its natural state, the summit is already built up with a transmission station and tower, as well as a garden.

Besides, based on the lookout towers at other nature parks, I have faith that our engineers can, with modern technology and methods, find a way to build a tower at Bukit Timah Hill with minimal disturbance to the nature reserve.

While Mr Tan seems to enjoy the journey up Bukit Timah Hill more than reaching the peak, many others who climb a hill actually look forward to reaching the summit and taking in the view from the top. Building the tower will not mar the look of Bukit Timah Hill. Instead, it will bring out its beauty and that of its surroundings.

If a lookout tower is built, the unobstructed view of our central reserve and the rest of our island that could be enjoyed from the peak of our highest natural point would be vastly different from what one might get from Mount Faber or rooftop restaurants in the city.

Edwin Pang

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