Forum: Long-term future of Singapore as important as present

The next government will need to focus on both urgent problems as well as Singapore's future (Huge effort needed to ensure S'pore will withstand crisis: PM, June 28).

The Covid-19 crisis has raised tensions within and between countries, but it is only a trigger.

The underlying cause of conflict lies in the growing concern over the future, which includes worries about job losses, social divides, ageing populations and climate change.

The problem with a technology-driven economy is that it tends to polarise society by benefiting a small group of individuals at the expense of others.

To tackle this, I urge the Government to rethink the way we work together and use open collaborative platforms.

Such platforms can empower us to work together to pursue our personal interests and collective good simultaneously.

The future of Singapore should be about why we work together as much as how we work together. It needs to be backed up by our shared values and purpose.

Going forward, we must recognise that constant uncertainty is the new normal, and develop policies, processes and platforms that allow us to learn and iterate constantly.

Singapore is at a critical crossroads between populism that promises to meet our short-term interests and pragmatism that strives to create long-term value. Therefore, choose wisely.

Andy Sim Ngee Ho

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