Forum Letter of the week: Share details of sex survey to help find solutions

A couple holding hands and walking along Bartley Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

I read the article on the study to examine the sex lives of married women in their peak childbearing ages with much interest and curiosity (Married women here have less sex than desired: Study, Jan 5).

The reasons cited by the study participants, though intuitive, are hardly surprising. With most couples working to meet certain financial and career aspirations, it would be a tall order to convince such couples to "relax" and take more time out to engage in love-making activities.

Perhaps the study findings can be shared, sans sensitive portions, openly with all so that the relevant stakeholders can jointly come up with appropriate programmes and measures to improve the situation.

It would be better to include details from the study like the type/nature of work, public or private sector, level/designation, and family support network. This will lead to better context and analysis.

In addition, the results would certainly be more comprehensive if the views of the husbands of the women surveyed are included as well since they may have other concerns and considerations.

After all, coital acts require enthusiastic involvement and active participation by both parties.

Sebastian Tan

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