Forum: Let's not pay lip service to rules

We all look forward to reigniting our suffering economy. The rules that have been put in place to prevent a second wave of coronavirus infection, including requiring firms to have a detailed monitoring plan, are great (Strict measures for firms to prevent new wave of virus, May 10).

But while the rules are important, I doubt that the rationale behind them is properly understood.

From my observations, many of the measures are implemented only in form and not in substance.

A case in point is the simple act of taking body temperature.

In some places where I have been to buy essential items - malls, supermarkets and retail outlets - body temperature was not taken, or the readings were erroneous. On some occasions, I was found to have a temperature of 35 deg C and below.

The staff assured me that they would alert their management about the issue. But the situation has not changed in the past weeks.

I can conclude only that either the management is not serious about the checks, or the staff have been trained to provide a generic "body temperature varies" answer as a way to fend off questions or liabilities.

How hard can the act of checking temperature be? If it cannot be done properly, I have little faith that other rules - such as not working when unwell and not gathering in small groups at workplaces - will be adhered to.

Let us not fight this war with blanks, thinking they are bullets.

Tan Wei Ming

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