Forum: Let teachers, students go mask-free in classrooms

Now with the Covid-19 community cases being extremely low and businesses, theatres and other establishments opening up more, I feel it's time to address the use of masks in classrooms by teachers and students.

The masks hinder the process of learning as it is difficult to speak and hear with all parties masked up. I hear from children all the time how they miss out on what the teacher is saying or what discussions are taking place.

Given that all classrooms are individual bubbles within the school and all safe distancing measures are in place, with a 1m distance between children, the risk factor is extremely low.

It's time to consider the advantages to learning mask-free, at least within the classroom.

By all means keep the mask on when moving around the common areas, and during recess and lunch time, but within the class itself, the school should allow the freedom to remove masks while lessons are on.

Maybe this is something the Government can look into next?

Mansi Engineer