Forum: Landlords need protection too

I am puzzled by the stand taken by the Manpower Ministry for landlords who do not wish to house work pass holders with a travel history to mainland China for the 14 days of quarantine upon their return (Coronavirus: Landlords who evict tenants on home quarantine, leave of absence or based on nationality may be barred from renting out flats, Feb 3).

Will it not be dangerous to the landlords' household if they are infected? After all, people may not show symptoms of infection for a few days.

Even in workers' dormitories, I imagine that separate quarantine rooms are set aside for these returnees, away from the main worker population.

So, why aren't landlords allowed the same safety measures?

It will not help the situation if the returnees infect the landlords' family members, which could, in turn, lead to a spread to the public when the family members leave the house and go about Singapore.

Ang Chiew Leng