Forum: Kids should be taught kindness and inclusion

Like Mr Jonathan Lim Boon Seng (Ensure content of Pink Dot live stream is suitable for children, June 26) and Mr Clement Ee Kwong Rong (Support parents in building a safe and nurturing space for kids, June 28), I believe that parents should do their best to promote healthy values and a strong character among children.

In particular, I feel that values such as kindness, compassion, respect and inclusion are key.

For those who believe in kindness and inclusion, it is troubling to see individuals and families face criticism for sharing their experiences via the Pink Dot live stream.

Detractors even sought to bar citizens from putting up pink lights - in solidarity with vulnerable LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) communities - in the safety of their own homes (Pink Dot organisers' light-up call does not flout the law: MSF, June 25).

Exposure to discriminatory petitions and media can cause deep anxiety in both children and adults.

To support children in managing these emotions, caregivers can encourage them to talk about their feelings.

As we talk to children about diversity, we can use the concept of equity and fairness to discuss the discrimination and prejudice they may see on social media.

Books and media on social justice can also provide ample reminders that everyone should be treated with empathy and compassion. Caregivers can model thoughtful, inclusive behaviour in their own lives, too.

As long as caregivers guide children's media use, we can lay the groundwork for them to respect everyone's differences and similarities.

Chin Hui Wen

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