Forum: 'Keep left' sign at Sungei Ulu Pandan track would work better

The almost-completed park connector along the north bank of Sungei Ulu Pandan is already being used by those on foot as well as those on wheels.

Temporary but clear signs read "shared track, keep left" and "give way to pedestrians". Except for a minority, the guidance is followed, resulting in an easy flow.

Users on one side of the track keep to their left, all moving in the same direction, while those on the other side do likewise and move in the opposite direction.

Whether on foot or on wheels, there is order and courtesy. Everyone can determine his own personal space and speed, so safe distancing is not a problem.

By contrast, on the south bank of Sungei Ulu Pandan during the peak hours in the morning and evening, and on weekends, chaos reigns.

A dividing line designates two-thirds of the track as part of the Park Connector Network, and one-third as a footpath indicated by the icon of a runner.

The result is that people on foot tend to confine themselves in the narrower section while those on wheels whizz along the wider park connector.

Whether on foot or on wheels, traffic flows within the allocated spaces in both directions. Whereas the narrower space for those on foot always results in a cramped and annoying experience, this is now a dangerous one due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Such forced proximity means there is no avoiding droplets from passing brisk walkers and runners panting heavily and moving in both directions.

Trying to keep a distance from others by venturing into the park connector is to risk collision with those on wheels.

If the demarcation is to remain, the wider berth should be given to those on foot who number more and are more vulnerable.

Better still, the relevant authorities should simply designate the whole track as a park connector, with the demarcation discarded altogether and replaced by a "keep left" guidance, which would lead to greater safety and enjoyment for all users.

Carol Lim

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