Forum: Job seekers need help in other areas

The Government is playing a critical role in providing job opportunities, which is a timely approach during these difficult times (Eight satellite career centres to help job seekers from July, June 22).

Some job seekers have issues utilising existing career matching services such as those from Workforce Singapore.

For example, attending a resume writing class online is a challenge for those who are not computer-savvy, since one needs to know how to download and use the Zoom app.

It would be better for senior citizens to attend such classes in a physical classroom-like environment, even though that might be a challenge at the moment because of the Covid-19 situation.

Sometimes, the officers in charge of job matching are not told that a position requires more than basic computer skills, and end up referring applicants who lack other required skill sets.

Employers need to reformulate the workplace and the structure of businesses to accept employees regardless of gender or age. Employers who discriminate against certain groups of job seekers should be punished more severely.

Despite the gloom in the job market now, applicants should remain positive and trust that there will be other and better job opportunities.

Richard Thong Kok Mun

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