Forum: Iras does consider rental rebates in determining property's annual value

We refer to Ms Sheryl Lee Shu Yi's letter (Consider rental rebates in determining annual values, April 17).

The annual value of a property for any given year is the estimated annual rental a property could fetch if it is let out during that year.

In determining the annual value of a property, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) will look at the market rentals of comparable properties contracted during the year.

Where rental rebates are given by the landlord, Iras will consider whether to take these into account.

For instance, it will look at whether the rebates are provided in response to market conditions and to most tenants.

Rebates given to selected tenants for reasons not related to market conditions will not be considered.

Property owners who wish to know more about how their annual values are assessed may contact Iras.

Kelly Wee

Director (Corporate Communications)

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore