Forum: Inconsiderate dog owners already a problem before scheme revision

It is becoming increasingly common to see pools of urine at HDB void decks, near letterboxes and along corridors. If one is unlucky, he might even step on a pile of dog poo.

Of late, I don't know how much of an effort the town councils and the National Environment Agency have made to deter and penalise owners who allow their pets to urinate or defecate in public places.

While I have no objection to HDB and the Animal and Veterinary Service allowing bigger dogs to be homed in HDB flats (New criteria allow bigger dogs to be rehomed in HDB flats, March 2), it could mean HDB neighbourhoods will be harder to keep clean with the increase in dog ownership.

Even before the criteria were revised, some HDB owners were already rearing big dogs.

Before the situation gets worse, it may be wise to ensure owners, new and present, are educated on how not to let their dogs soil common areas.

Chang Yong Yen

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