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Limitations to hand sanitisers

I am irked by the ubiquitous sight of hand sanitisers sold in shops and supermarkets and also a range of wet tissues. The majority of these products kill only bacteria but not viruses. Those who are not discerning will use these products thinking they are thus protected from Covid-19 when they are not. No doubt due diligence applies for anyone buying any product. But today's threat is too much a risk to take and perhaps the authorities should do away with the sale of these products promptly. I have read that alcohol-based hand sanitisers are preferable when soap and water are not available.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

Dengue threat at empty worksites

With many foreign workers in quarantine, many construction sites are left unattended. This may give rise to Aedes mosquito breeding, increasing the potential for a dengue outbreak. The hot weather and rain do not help. I hope the authorities and construction companies will work together to ensure that this threat is minimised.

Foo Sing Kheng

Review closure of condo pools

The closure of condominium common facilities such as gyms and function rooms during the circuit breaker period is understandable, but the closure of open-air pools is unnecessary. After all, citizens have been advised to exercise in open-air areas. The Government should allow the use of pools with limits on the number of users, so as to enable seniors to do aquatic exercises. I hope the Government can review the closure of condo swimming pools.

Ong Beng Chye

Have trainers conduct sessions online

While gyms, sports stadiums, swimming pools and beaches have had to close, many people would like to do some form of physical activity. Some might work out their own exercise regimes at home, but many may not know what they should do. Perhaps the Government could consider paying local exercise instructors to conduct sessions over the Internet and social media, as well as the mainstream media (via Toggle and TV) so that all residents can tune in for free. This is a win-win situation because not only will these instructors be gainfully employed, but every one of us will also be able to carry on with healthy lifestyles, instead of sedentary ones, during the circuit breaker period.

Lee Kek Chin

Repeat offenders should pay the bill

The authorities should treat all repeat offenders of circuit breaker rules, be it individuals or establishments, as wilful and deliberate offenders. For individuals, in addition to the current fines and penalties, make them bear their own treatment costs in full if they are infected. For establishments, make them bear a substantial percentage of treatment costs if any of their patrons are infected and such infections are traced back to these establishments. It is time for the authorities to take a tougher stance on coronavirus-linked matters.

Edward Wong

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