Forum: Important lesson on having a strong SAF

Two points struck me as I read about the strain Taiwan's armed forces have been going through (Taiwan's armed forces under pressure from Chinese incursions, Sept 27).

First, China's air drills have not been over the main island, but have still ramped up pressure, both financial and physical, on Taiwan's air force.

The second point was how President Tsai Ing-wen appeared slightly taken aback when told the cost of one small component for a fighter jet.

It made me think of our own armed forces and how we must always remain vigilant and ready to go if called upon - something I hope will never happen.

Cost should not be a barrier or hindrance in order for our armed forces to put up effective deterrence. We must continually improve our capabilities and continue to invest in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Our men and women in the SAF must know that when they are on a mission, they have the support of the whole nation.

We must never take peace for granted. The geopolitical situation changes rapidly, which is why we cannot let our guard down. We must always be prepared for any eventuality.

A strong SAF means a peaceful Singapore, a place we call Home.

Denis Koek