Forum: Hygiene lapses at hawker centres and foodcourts

I thank the Government for doing a great job of managing the Covid-19 situation in Singapore. If I had to choose one place to be in during such a difficult time, it would be Singapore.

Despite comments from writers about hygiene practices, little progress seems to have been made in two areas that are potential risks in the fight against the coronavirus.

First, the placement of cutlery in foodcourts and hawker centres. Most stalls leave their cutlery in front of the stall for customers to help themselves to.

Stalls at the Tampines MRT station foodcourt keep their cutlery behind the counter and issue them when they serve the food.

This hygiene practice impresses me. The authorities should get other stallholders to adopt it.

Second, I have observed that most cleaners use the same few cloths to wipe the tables at hawker centres and foodcourts.

Some rinse the cloth in a small pail of water before reusing it, but use the same pail of water for many tables.

I recommend that cleaners carry many clean cloths in their carts, perhaps around 20, and use a different one to clean each table.

They should wash and rinse all of the used cloths at a proper washing place with soap and water.

Alternatively, consider the use of disposable wipes to clean tables, which I have seen practised at one foodcourt.

We need to improve the hygiene level of our hawker centres and foodcourts, now that dining in has resumed. It is important to keep everyone safe during this period.

Jan Ho

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