Forum: How are certain shops chosen to remain open?

I am astonished and dismayed by the authorities' decision to suspend operations of several motor workshops (Several motor workshops told to close within 48 hours, April 28). This was despite the authorities earlier granting permission for them to stay open.

This reminded me of something a relative recently recounted to me.

The pawnshop that he works in had been ordered to close within 24 hours to support enhanced circuit breaker measures. However, at the same time, a pawnshop that another relative works in has just been granted permission to continue operations within the circuit breaker period.

How is one shop within the same industry chosen over another to stay open? And based on what criteria? This is puzzling to businesses that are already struggling during these trying times.

This seemingly arbitrary way of dealing with businesses does not reflect well on Singapore as an international business hub.

Lim Pei Pei