Forum: Holding Singapore GP makes no sense

With the originally scheduled first races of the new Formula One season cancelled or postponed, it makes no sense for the Singapore Grand Prix to proceed (Singapore GP with no fans 'unfeasible', May 17).

Even if hosting costs are waived, substantial costs need to be borne by the host nation and considerable temporary infrastructure raised for a spectacle enjoyed by only a small proportion of our population. The staffing, marketing, organising and insurance costs would more than offset the temporary surge in economic activity.

Even if we manage to get the Covid-19 scourge controlled by then, travel restrictions and government regulations would make the entertainment slate - which many Singaporeans find more entertaining than the race itself - far less appealing.

The business on hand is the containment, management and housing of our foreign workers, and the subsequent austere but astute policy planning needed to reopen the economy after the circuit breaker is lifted.

Don't take our eyes off the ball now and be distracted by a superfluous event.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)

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