Forum: Happy with Singapore as a natural garden city

On my regular commutes and walks, I used to pass by well-manicured hedges, verdant bushes, neat grass patches and trimmed landscape that is everywhere in our garden city.

But now, Singapore has returned somewhat to a natural garden city, instead of one that is man-made (Allow natural greenery in public spaces to flourish, June 5).

I am constantly surprised to see small flowers, new breeds of plants sprouting, greenery in wild abundance, and butterflies and birds fluttering about.

The flowers have had a chance to bloom instead of being trimmed by our efficient grass cutters. Grass is growing in varying species and heights, adding texture and diversity to the landscape.

Hedges take on a fluid form, with new shoots creating a disturbance to its perfect form. I love seeing these.

There is beauty in being surrounded by nature, so let nature be.

I am not advocating that we leave overgrown bushes unmanned, or bougainvilleas on bridges to intrude into our paths, but let our landscape breathe, give it a chance to flourish.

As a country that has thrived in the past 50 years, we have manufactured, developed and successfully made our garden city what it is today.

It is a commendable effort. We nurture our environment (and children) to fit a certain mould that is most likely to succeed, present its best self and be perceived as world class.

Maybe it's time to rethink: Can we let loose a little, see perfection in imperfection, and let nature take its own course?

Juliana Foo