Forum: Government taking decisive action to fight pandemic

I fully support the measures announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to combat the Covid-19 pandemic (Why Singapore needs a coronavirus 'circuit breaker', April 4).

Beyond the human tragedy, there is a direct economic impact from lives lost in the pandemic. In any health crisis, a government's first concern is, and should be, the health of those affected. But, unfortunately, the economic impact also has dramatic effects on the well-being of families, businesses and communities.

Singapore's stricter measures are a decisive move to pre-empt escalating infections.

These tougher measures to slow the spread of coronavirus signal a great shift from the Government's past graduated approach - crafted to limit interruptions to daily life and commerce - which has been deemed to be no longer tenable in combating the local transmission cases and the increasing number of unlinked cases.

Singapore's political leaders have demonstrated leadership agility in their ability to take effective and decisive action amid the volatile, uncertain and complex conditions presented by the pandemic.

Sattar Bawany

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